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Max Mara




Achille Maramotti


In 1951, Achille Maramotti, freshly graduated in law, decided to dedicate himself to haute couture; a family passion passed down from his great-grandmother Marina Rinaldi, who in the late nineteenth century operated a luxury fashion house in the heart of Reggio Emilia. The very first collection, a camel coat and a geranium red suit, incorporated the ideals of future production: essential and precise, clean cuts and decisive lines. The design is influenced by French fashion, but reinvendte through the lens of traditional Italian style. In the 1960s, Max Mara evolved the production techniques, and at the same time, the range of products: alongside the typically mannish broad double-breasted coats were small collections, which comprised elegant suits as well as more sporting lines. In the end of the 60s Sportmax was introduced in London - it was a new concept inspirited by young women who wanted to individualise their look. In the 1980s the famous 101801 coat was released and since then it has been part unchanged of every winter collection. Today, Max Mara is a model and reference point for Italian and international prèt-a-porter; the passion and determination of the founder has been enthusiastically seized by the new generation, continuing the innovative traditions started 50 years ago. We provide Max Mara collections.


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