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Mila Schön




Mila Schön


The story of Mila Schon fashion house starts in 1958 at via San Pietro all'Orto in Milan. The young lady decided that the time had come for her to express her point of view to modern fashion. The vision was of an uncut silently opulent luxury with to frills. With the help of Giovan Battista Giorgini her success soon crossed the borders of Italy. In 1966 she opened her first boutique in Via Montenapoleone 2, that soon became a fundamental crossroad for the international intelligentsia and élite. Fascinated by cultural debate, and inspired by her personal relationship with the protagonists of contemporary art, Mila Schön combined research and tailoring. She never renounced the rigour and coherence of the project, and she invented new languages, new manufacture processes; paying attention to line, colour and surface, she explored new possibilities and the limits of techniques and materials. Visionary but also pragmatic, Mila Schön understood, before many others, that fashion is also and above all lifestyle. Both in her work and in her life, everything has always spoken of sharp modernity, from the atelier furniture, to the artists that surrounded her. Since 1992 Mila Schön's brand is owned by the Japanese group Itochu, that in July 2007 entrusted Brand Extension Srl with the task to relaunch it on the international market (the period from 1999 to June 2007, licensed to Mariella Burani fashion Group). Bianca Gervasio was nominated as design director. The new course of the brand made its debut in February 2008. And so, exactly 50 years after its beginning, the history of the brand starts again with a careful rediscovery of its origins, and the awareness that the formula invented by Mila Schön is so precise, clear, and perfect, to be totally timeless in its modernity. We offer support in negotiating standard franchising contracts between You and Malo company.




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