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Gianfranco Ferrè


Gianfranco Ferré, called the architect of fashion, made his debut back in 1969, designing accessories. In 1974 he started his own company Baila in Milan. In 1978 he launched his signature collection for women followed by his men's collection in 1982 and the couture collection in Rome in 1986. Ferré's sophisticated white shirts have become the symbol of his personal signature in fashion design. All his creations achieved a state of balance between a simple, natural look and total elegance. The attention that he has for details deliberately puts in a clear light the quality of all Gianfranco Ferre. Even after his death in 2007 the styling traditions are obtained, the simple modern lines that make an important statement are combined with well thought details to create exquisite creations that could well be thought of as works of art. Nowadays Ferré's house of fashion produces three lines: Gianfranco Ferré provides the main men's and women's lines, a manifestation of pure creativity; Ferré Milano was known previously as the White Label, is an easy and immediate ready-to-wear label; GF Ferré is the young, strong and competitive declination of the brand. Besides those three labels the Gianfranco Ferré produces also exquisite fragrances and accessories. We provide support for operational management of multiple orders of Gianfranco Ferré and GF Ferré collections.



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Julia Roberts, Sophia Loren, Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor


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