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Our mission is to connect importers and exporters of Italian fashion industry while offering quality commercial and marketing services.

Clothing - Import Export Services

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Import - Export Services

Since 1982 we have worked for the Italian fashion industry and we now represent a strong reference for clothing and Made in Italy exporters & importers. We are proud to introduce you our main services which have improved the turnover of our clients :


Commercial consultancy

commercial negotiation
contract draft definition
development agreements


Strategic Consultancy

We will help you :
 definition of commercial strategies
 brands selection that are in line with the commercial strategies
 pricing and promotional sales


We are working with the professional of fashion industry therefore we are able to provide you:

 merchandising to improve your commercial effectiveness
 visual merchandising study to increase the purchase act
 lay out study according to the Made in Italy cannons

Clothing - Import Export Services


Connections and introductions
With 25 years of experience in the Italian fashion industry, we are able to provide you the best select Italian companies which will considerably help you to reach your commercial objectives.

By working with you, you will get in touch with :
 Italian top brands
 Italian factories
 Italian wholesalers
 International fashion industry and wholesale, also with developing countries

Production Guarantee
 Production quality control
 Anti-counterfeit guarantee
 Consultancy to protect the customer in terms of the delivery times of products and collections
 Solid reputation

Import Export
 Commercial and customs documents for the primary international markets
 Anti-counterfeit control border measures (avoiding problems to go through customs)


Strategic management
We offer a consultancy for operational management of multiple orders, multiple suppliers, and groupage.

 Order aggregation
 costs control
 supplier control
 nnual turnover


Other services :

"Private Label" consultancy
We offer a consultancy and commercial services for making private brands, private labels, and custom merchandise marks.
Buying office support

Our consultancy and operative services for the buying office will reduce your fixed costs and optimise the purchasing quality on countless brands and markets.

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