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Case Histories

We would like to provide you few case histories which have been collected on many years. We solved many problems on very specific case. Thanks to these professional experiences in the fashion industry, we will bring excellent results for your company.

From the store to the department store

Many of our clients started their collaboration with just one store. Today thanks to our commercial consultancy, some of these clients are in charge of department store in their own countries and even abroad.


Reduction on the purchasing costs by 20%

Thank to our commercial consultancy you will save 20% of your purchasing cost.


Increase of the number of Customers by 30%

A mix merchandising analysis gave to department store an increase of the number of customers by 30%



Turnover improvement

A chain of 18 stores changed 30% of its old suppliers for Made in Italy wholesalers which has improved considerably the turnover.

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Costs reduction

An international department store which asked for our services cut its costs of buying office in Italy by reducing costs and providing a professional training to the employees.


Buying office support

A major chain or stores, with the help of Italian Fashion Wholesale, over the last three years has reduced their purchasing costs by 20%, with the same quality and quantities.



Production excess & unsold stock

We are able to provide solutions for production excess or unsold stock. An important company in the accessories market faced a large production excess caused by the closure of a large North American sales chain. Thanks to commercial relationships, the entire stock of the company has been sold to an European buyer.

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