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Retail chains services

Setting up and running a chain of retail outlets in your own country or overseas poses a whole range of different problems.  It can often be particularly difficult to gain an in-depth knowledge of foreign markets, the legislation that affects them and the real value of your investment.

If you are setting up a business, Italian Fashion Wholesale can call on our over twenty years’ experience to provide a range of services specially designed for retail chains.


Business start-up

We provide a commercial and strategic support service for business people setting up a franchising chain or those aiming to develop a chain by acquiring new sales outlets. Our experience on the international stage enables us to provide all-round support for all your overseas operations and acquisitions, saving your precious time and money


Contract assistance

Entrepreneurs can often encounter problems sorting out contractual terms and conditions, when they want to open a retail chain overseas, and sometimes even in their own country.
This is why we can provide you with a team of expert consultants to help you negotiate contract and business terms.  One of our most highly valued services is undoubtedly the support we offer in negotiating standard franchising contracts.


Strategic consultancy

Out of all the services we offer, one of our major strong points is our staff recruitment and training service.  

retail franchising consultant

When running a retail chain, it can happen that some of the links in that chain work  better than others.
We base our action on the models of success  that we  have built up over the years working with our customers, making us expert in identifying, rapidly and clearly, the strong and weak links in a particular chain and we can act on the promotional front to improve the performance of the whole chain or of individual sales outlets.


Among our most requested services is the our lay-out and visual merchandising study to meet Made in Italy standards, for better and more effective presentation of your products to the public.  This type of consultancy is often provided in tandem with a detailed study of the merchandise mix, in order to improve the performance of individual sales outlets or of the whole chain



Promotion events

We provide consultancy services for the launch of new sales outlets, organising promotional events and gala openings, tailor-made your  different target consumers.


Improving stock management

We can provide the necessary know-how to handle one of the vital aspects of optimising retail chain management with our optimum stock management services, cutting costs and minimising risk

Direct contact with top brands

Retail chains and franchises are handed the opportunity to gain access via privileged commercial  channels to the top Made in Italy brands, world-famous names who will often refuse to establish contact without a personal introduction from an organisation, like ourselves, able to boast a solid reputation gained over years operating in the Italian fashion industry.

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