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Bernard Gant


Bernard Gant arrived in 1914 in New York from Ukraine and was to become one of the symbols of American fashion. At the beginning Gant had a modest job sewing shirt collars in a sweatshop. However, thanks to his talent and ambitions, he started the Gant family business in 1941 together with his cousin in New Haven, Connecticut. The company manufactured shirts on a subcontractor basis. Bernard Gant started selling shirts to some of the leading private labels in the country such as Brooks Brothers, Manhattan shirts and J. Press. The quality was guaranteed by the manufacturer's discrete "G" sewn into the corner of each shirt. Understanding the basic spirit of America, Bernard Gant designed shirts for active people. After that two Bernard's sons joined the company, their influence was noticeable - they sensed that an increasing number of men were dressing less formally. So the main Gant's concept was born - being dressed well without being dressed up. In 1949 the business was strong enough and the Grant brand was launched. Soon the famous "button-down shirt" was introduced and became immediately hit. Manufactured in sportswear fabrics, Gant's shirts became college kid's fashion. In the 60s Gant was second largest shirt maker in the world. In the 1967 Gant family sold the brand and since then it has been owned by a number of large American corporations. Since then Gant has kept the initial spirit - Gant's clothing is inspired by individuals who are passionate, dedicated and committed to working with issues that make a difference. Now Gant produces men's, women's, children's and baby's clothing. We distribute all Gant products.


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