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Total Sales :

18,7 billions


In 1921 Guccio Gucci opens a small leather and luggage shop in his home city Florence. Having worked for years in London's Savoy Hotel he had took notice of the refined aesthetic of English nobility and through exclusive leather goods introduced this sensibility in Italy. In the next years the label enjoys huge success attracting a sophisticated international clientele. The horsebit and stirrup motifs are born, becoming symbols of the fashion house and of an increasingly innovative design aesthetic. Due to the shortage of standard materials during the years of Fascist dictatorship in Italy, Gucci establishes itself as an enterprise synonymous with exceptional creativity and resourcefulness. The “Bamboo Bag” is created and becomes one of the Gucci's first iconic products. The bag is still available today. In the 50s the label expands worldwide opening shops in Milan and New York. Guccio Gucci dies in 1953 leaving his business in the hands of his four sons. In the 60s Gucci's products are cherished by the most iconic figures of the time such like Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Peter Sellers, Samuel Beckett, Grace Kelly. This is the time when the legendary interlocking double “G” logo is been created. In the next years the expansion of the label continues worldwide reaching the Far East. In the same time the company invests into research on new more luxurious materials. Gucci becomes synonymous with great quality. The great classics are revamped in new shapes and colours, and new product categories are introduced. In the 1990s Gucci's is relaunched to global renown through a groundbreaking mix of tradition and innovation. Tom Ford becomes creative director of Gucci in 1994 and infuses the luxury brand with a sense of daring and provocation that resonates with celebrity and accomplished elite. Nowadays Gucci is still one of the top luxury companies, named most desirable luxury brand in the world. We are wholesale for the latest Gucci collection. 


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