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90's years


Green Sport Montebiance


The born of brand Napapijri starts with a discovery of the history of polar exploration, where the protagonists were prodigious men like Amundsen, Pear Scak and many others. Heroes encouraged by the passion for those undiscovered and hostile territories. The method is the chose that Napapijiri propose to who believes that safe the environment is a moral duty. Identifying the problems, the critical areas on our planet, studying them and communicating is the mission of Napapijri Teams and all individuals actively committed to this goal. Napapijiri is known in all over the world for expedition inspired ski and adventure gear; from this element born all its collection. The name "Napapijri" means "Artic Polar Circle" in Finnish language, the brand was launched at the beginning of 90s by Giuliana Rosset. The headquarters are in Usa, France and Germany with 2848 dealer in the world. Napapijiri collection includes shirts, coats and jacket, knitwear, beachwear, trousers and sportswear for men and women. There is also a kid's collection, including apparel and accessories. We are able to provide clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories of Napapijiri.


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Austria, Belgio, Francia, Germania, Giappone, Grecia, Italia, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Repubblica Slovacca, Russia, Slovenia, Spagna, Stati Uniti, Svizzera, Turchia


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