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Luxury Brand Consultant

At Italian Fashion Wholesale, we really know the world of Italian couture. We will act as a bridge between importers and exporters including the leading Italian fashion companies. We can also provide a full suite of consultancy services including commercial and strategic services.

Our luxury brand consultant services could revolutionise your business success. We can advise on commercial negotiations with fashion exporters, helping you to get the best brands at the lowest prices. We can also assist with contract agreements and help develop relationships with exporters.

Our strategic consultancy services will help to position your luxury brand in the marketplace. Whether you need help in visually marketing your goods online or you require knowledge about the Made In Italy identity, we can help to promote your brand as a high quality market player.

Our success as a consultancy is built upon years of experience. We have built up strong relationships with major companies in Italy's fashion export sector including designers, manufacturers and wholesalers. We are also linked to the world of international fashion, including markets and producers in developing countries.

If you hire a luxury brand consultant from us to work on your fashion project, we can also handle issues like quality control, protection against counterfeiting and the administration of importing and exporting fashion goods. We also advise on crucial business practices like order management and cost control.

Book an appointment to discuss the contribution that our consultancy services can make to your business. With our experience of the Italian market, our dynamic, knowledgeable buyers and our awareness of the Made in Italy brand identity, we can steer you through the pitfalls of bringing Italian fashion goods to market. If you want to succeed with your Italian fashion marketing, hire a luxury brand consultant today.

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