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Luxury Fashion Store Consultant

Italy is the world leader in luxury fashion, from shoes to accessories. If you want to market the best in Italian fashion, you need to be able to build relationships with leading fashion producers, but this isn't easy.

Italian Fashion Wholesale links fashion retailers with Italian designers, marketers and manufacturers. With our luxury fashion store consultant services, retailers outside Italy can source high quality products reliably and cheaply. We can help you to make the most out of the powerful Made In Italy brand, and provide your customers with exceptional fashion products.

Our luxury fashion store consultant services cover all aspects of the retail chain. When you are setting up a retail enterprise, our expert staff will carry out market research, feasibility studies and run commercial scenarios to model how your business can succeed.

When the retail operation is up and running, a luxury fashion store consultant sourced from Italian Fashion Wholesale will be instrumental in ensuring success. We can advise on the best merchandising strategies including the best way to display Italian fashion goods as well as promotional methods. Our consultancy service can also provide your retail staff with the skills they need to sustain their Italian fashion operations long after we have departed.

With our strong links to Italy's greatest fashion labels, we can assist with ordering and stock management. We can help to eliminate risks and maximise opportunities when exploiting the Made In Italy brand. We will ensure that importing Italian goods occurs seamlessly and assist with contracting and arranging long-term supply agreements as well.

Above all, we are passionate about helping retailers to succeed. A luxury fashion store consultant from us will spread that passion throughout your workforce, helping to provide your customers with the best service whenever they visit your stores.

So arrange for a consultancy appointment with Italian Fashion Wholesale and harness our experience and expertise when retailing high quality Italian fashion products.

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